bike shock absorber covers

Progear Company specialises in production of high quality bike shock absorber covers, mudguards for road bikes as well as mudguards for mountain bikes.

We’ve been present on the market for over two years already and since the beginning we’ve been trying to meet expectations of even the most demanding clients, consistently offering reliability and the highest quality of our products. Our bike mudguards are made of flexible material covered with sticker foil and stand out thanks to their aggressive, active style. We ensure that they fit every shock absorber and every bike of the types such as MTB, XC, Allmountain, Fatbike, Enduro, Downhill, etc.



We produce bike shock absorber covers of high quality

Bike shock absorber cover becomes more and more popular on the bike market. What makes our covers unique is their innovative use and possibility of personalisation. We are the only producer to finish our bike mudguards with decorative foil available in at least 18 different versions, which significantly improves their quality. Progear bike shock absorber covers are amazingly light, very resistant and flexible, and unique because of their characteristic, active look. We also guarantee their universality – they will fit every shock absorber and every bike frame, since we produce both mountain bike mudguards and road bike mudguards.

mountain bike mudguards

In our offer, you will find 4 types of bike shock absorber covers: SHORT and LONG covers, compatible with every shock absorber and every frame on the back triangle; FRAME cover for the downside of the bike frame; and SEAT cover for underneath the seat, which ensures the best protection among this type of covers available on the market.

With standard order, the price includes choice of colour of the sticker foil and placing your own logotype in single colour on one side of the bike mudguard.





Competitive prices, innovative solutions, reliable quality and active look guarantee satisfaction of our clients – steadily growing number of companies, teams, and private users from all over the world.

We encourage you to personalise your bike shock absorber covers by choosing the sticker foil and printing your own logotype on it. This way you achieve unique look that fits your style. Covers personalisation can also be a tool of increasing recognisability of a company, a store, a team, or an event. There is also an option of ordering classic version of our bike absorber covers with Progear brand logo.

bike shock absorber covers
bike mudguards Progear

During two years of out presence on the market, we received numerous positive reviews from both our clients and trade press, e.g. Bicycle Magazine or journal Bike.

Our bike mudguards are successfully used by sportsmen such as: Artur Miśkiewicz, repeated Polish champion of Downhill; Fabio Gil, titled participant of Dirt from Portugal; Sonia Skrzypnik, repeated Polish champion of Downhill; Piotr Kurczab, repeated champion of cross-country cycling and academic world champion of cross-country cycling; and Mateusz Matuszny, titled participant of Downhill and Lokal Series Downhill championship organiser. We attract attention of growing number of sportsmen all over the world, and not only cyclists – e.g. Gustavo Yacamán, the driver participating in GT Open as a member of BMW Team, showed interest in our products. We also organised numerous exhibitions during sport competitions and sponsored various sport events.


What makes us unique?

1. Quality and original style

While retaining their highest quality, our bike shock absorber have one of the kind, unique design of aggressive style and wild, active character.

2. Sticker foil

Our products are the only ones available on the market that have finish foil, which increases quality of the finishing and positively influences look of the bike.

3. Personalisation option

We are the only manufacturer on the market who offers a choice of the colour of the sticker foil and possibility of placing your own overprint (e.g. logotype) on it.

4. Universality

Our bike mudguards are extraordinarily universal without losing their highest quality. They adjust perfectly to every shock absorber, back triangle, and damper’s cover.

5. Strong and easy assembly

Progear products have the highest number of high quality fastening on the market (up to even 13 points!), using from 3 to 5 special reusable tie-clamps.

6. Lightness and flexibility

Our bike mudguards are extremely flexible and amazingly light – their weight doesn’t exceed 50g.

7. Protection and safety

We manufacture the longest bike shock absorber covers on the market, thanks to which they protect the absorber and the cyclist better.